We say thank you! Woman empowerment in Kenya

We thank you! With the purchase of your hadithi basket last year you not only added a wonderful unique piece to your living room, but also helped many women living in Kenya to become economically stronger.  
Hadithi is a social organization that works closely with women's self-help groups in rural Kenya. The aim is to improve the social and economic aspects in women's lives. The groups not only have a strengthening effect on the economic and social life of the basket weavers and their families, but also on the entire villages. The income generated gives more children access to school and enables women and their families to actively shape their future.
At the end of 2020, there were already 1517 women in the hadithi group.
We are curious to see how things will continue in 2021 and will keep you up to date.
Be a Changemaker - Together we are better - Your lovely Marie team

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