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When you hear the name Murano, you immediately think of glass or have never heard the name before. In both cases we want to explain to you what Murano and the famous glass are all about.

Where is Murano?

Murano (Venetian Muran) is a collection of islands northeast of the old town of Venice in the Venetian Lagoon, Italy. It is located 1.1km northeast of Cannaregio (part of Venice's old town) and is about 1.17 square kilometers. The archipelago consists of seven individual islands on which a total of around 4500 people live.

Murano glass what is it?

Murano glass is glass that was made in Murano. Murano has a tradition in the production of glass art that goes back over a thousand years and is world-famous for it and the unique craft has been passed down through generations. Glass has always been made in the region in and around Venice. In 1295 all glass furnaces were relocated from Venice to Murano - primarily for fire protection reasons, but not least to protect the glass production (know-how, secret processes). In the meantime, glass production in Murano was neglected, but it was rediscovered and further professionalized in the 19th century. In 1860 a glass school was opened. The technology with which Murano glass is produced is only mastered by the glass manufacturers from Murano. Murano glass is history, tradition, skill and absolute top class in the manufacture of glass items of all kinds.

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Why is Murano glass so expensive?

Murano glass is a luxury good - there is no doubt about that. As mentioned earlier, it is a highly complex craftsmanship. Several decades of training and professional experience are required to master this craft. The price is defined by the high quality, the rarity and the demand for original Murano glass. Anyone who has ever seen what Murano makes is happy to treat yourself to something - in many colors and sizes there is a piece for every budget that you can enjoy.


Now you know a little bit more about this exciting tradition and the great craft. If you find art exciting, you can also join our collection Candles look around or our two Murano glass works of art "Pac-Man" and "Ghost"Discover. Have fun browsing!

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