Swiss carpentry paired with 3D design

This time we want to tell you something about the Ordobox. We are fascinated by their history and beauty and that is why we want to illuminate them exclusively at this point.

Ordobox wooden box design CNC milling machine 3d production carpenter exclusively for Lovely Marie Switzerland

There is this piece of jewelry in one smaller ones and in one grosseren Variant (size S and L). The name Ordobox combines the Latin word ordo (order) with the box - it should bring order into (creative) chaos and give the room a modern touch while still looking well-known.

The chic wooden box with two handles is the result of the work of a 3D designer and a carpenter. Together they designed the product from AZ themselves, made prototypes and produced it in series.

The grid pattern is based on the famous milk crates from the USA and with the milled window pockets on the sides and corners also has a few elements of the so-called euro containers - the well-known plastic boxes with which grocers, for example, transport the items to the shelves or into the trucks. The dimensions of the box were also adapted to Europe and its standards for boxes. This allows the wooden boxes to be stacked and they also fit on the trolleys that are designed for the plastic boxes.

But plastic was deliberately avoided: the basic ingredient is untreated poplar wood (100% PEFC certified) that comes from sustainably managed European forests. This is then processed into panels, which are then laboriously milled out with a CNC milling machine. The fine sanding is then done by hand - the last splinters of wood are removed with fine sandpaper.

The wood is not sold from local cultivation. That is why Italy was chosen as the next country where poplar wood grows. The entire manufacturing process for the panels and the box, including the design, took place in Switzerland. That's why this wooden crate has that too Swiss label Seal of approval that is awarded according to strict guidelines. The crossbow is a seal of quality and proof of origin at the same time and is certainly well known to most.

Wooden box Ordobox manufacture carpenter swiss made switzerland buy lovely marie

The boxes are ideal for storing things of all kinds. They are robust, unique and multifunctional. Due to their stackability, they can be used in a variety of ways and can be used, for example, in children's rooms, living rooms or entrance areas. But also for commercial use, for example in stand and trade fair construction, at A.The wooden box can be used for exhibitions. Both decorative and functional.

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