Baba Tree - Basket Company - Fair trade African Baskets

Welcome to our Baba Tree Collection - art made in Bolgatanga, Ghana. Since 2004.

The unique hand-woven African baskets, also called Bolga baskets, are not only functional but also convince with their aesthetics. They bring a piece of Africa to your home. Each basket is absolutely unique.

The fantastically beautiful baskets with and without handles are hand-woven in Ghana by craftsmen from the Baba Tree Basket Co. The weavers are paid fairly for their work and receive an additional commission for each basket sold. The Baba Tree Basket Company is known for hand-woven washing baskets, decorative baskets, shopping baskets, fans, fans and weaving art of the highest quality. 

There are all kinds of things in the household and in the kitchen that can be stored in baskets. The baskets bring order to the bathroom, they fit in the children's room to store toys, in the living room next to the coffee table, but also in the office or home office, where you can use them to decorate your workplace.

Whether you use it for shopping, shopping bags, washing your laundry, using it for your plants, attaching it to your bike or children's bike or simply like a piece of decoration - our baskets always fit! They are woven from natural material, sustainably produced and fair trade.

The baskets are not only a welcome decorative element in cities such as Bern, Zurich and Basel, but are also known in the rest of our beautiful Switzerland and around the world.