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This autumn it became quiet around us - only a few new products in the range and rarely a post on social media. But we haven't been idle and a lot has happened. We want to tell you this exciting story in this blog post.

For a year and a half we have had our various laundry baskets Baba Tree Basket Company Releases. These are very popular with our customers due to the craftsmanship, the variety of colors, the different sizes and the large selection of different patterns (our range is one of the largest in Europe).

However, more and more we received inquiries whether the laundry baskets are also available without leather handles or whether they are vegan. In addition, customers kept asking us whether the laundry baskets were also available with lids.

Laundry baskets colorful

It was clear to us that we would like to meet these customer requests and inquiries. That is why we wanted to travel to Ghana again last summer to visit existing suppliers, to meet new artists and to get to know the country and people even better and to learn more about the centuries-old tradition of basket weaving. Due to the uncertainties in travel at that time, however, we decided against it with a heavy heart and postponed the project into the future.

In order to still be able to fulfill the wishes of our customers, we started researching from Basel and called our contacts in Africa to see if there were artisans who would like to work with us. For us, sustainable production and the appreciation of Artists during the entire creative phase. We also set great store by direct contact with the artisans without international intermediaries. 

After many direct messages, emails and video calls, we got to know Serwa - a wonderful, relaxed woman who does the braided works of many in the south of Ghana Artists sold in small markets. Together with her, we clarified the feasibility of various designs that we designed ourselves.

After a few logistical challenges and customs hurdles, we now have our very first delivery of the new one Laundry baskets with lids obtained.

We are very proud that we are in Serwa and their Artists have a reliable new partner on board who can supply us with first-class baskets that meet our high quality standards.

After ordobox this is already the second product development that we have successfully brought onto the market and we are always looking forward to the exciting work we do here with Lovely Marie every day.

How do you like the new ones Laundry baskets with lids? Tell us in the comments or use our Contact form .

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